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Just some of my artwork. Donīt forget to check some of them out and comment critique and fav if you have the time! :D :D :D

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Just some of those awesome artists that make my jaw drop and deserve some prestiege! :D :D


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Well I´m a 20-year-old artist with various interests, and I´m a major otaku and geek I´m looking for something in the world but sadly haven´t found it yet. I´m a traditional artist but I´m trying to learn digital, I´m a U-tad student, and I´m a HUGE RT and RWBY FAN! I´m the everlasting optimist, and a bit of a platonic romantic, but over all an artist at heart! :D Just looking for his place in the world!


Colored Strip
Auburn request thingy by ALEXACEDEATH
You want a bit of color in your comic? Tell me what you want and we´ll get it going!
Customized Art
Valentine's Day Special by ALEXACEDEATH
Gary and Weiss request by ALEXACEDEATH
Monty Oum tribute (uncolored) by ALEXACEDEATH
If you want something that has either more than one character, a setting, etc. Depending on the number of characters, and the type of drawing, or wether you want it colored or nor not, just send me a note and we´ll discuss a price
B&W comic strip
Uncolored Poker night part 1 by ALEXACEDEATH
Auburn Request W.I.P. by ALEXACEDEATH
Want your own strip? Just tell me and I´ll start on it! :)
Colored Portrait
Rwby Oc Commission Aeron Onyx by ALEXACEDEATH
In this case it´s the absolute full treatment you´ll get both line art and color for an Oc/ general character commission. The only thing required is for you to tell me exactly what you want and I´ll do my best to make it happen (these might take a while though). 
Line Art Portrait
Arianna Blue RWBY  OC RAHV Art Trade by ALEXACEDEATH
Auburn Alternate outfit: ALPHA by ALEXACEDEATH
A line work drawing. But I may put some gray scale shading if asked (I´m not sure how that would look though...)
Colored Chibi
Chibi request by ALEXACEDEATH
Chibi Ruby final color by ALEXACEDEATH
Chibi Weiss final by ALEXACEDEATH
 You want a random chibi? You´ll get one!! But I´ll be asking for specifics you got that for sure! :)
Chibi Line Art
Chibi Ruby Rose by ALEXACEDEATH
Chibi Weiss Schnee by ALEXACEDEATH
Chibi Blake Belladonna by ALEXACEDEATH
Chibi Yang Xiao Long by ALEXACEDEATH
You want something cute and adorable but in B&W? YOU´VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! :D
So I´finally got a bit of time to do this! :D I got tagged by :iconjetterebus: a few weeks back but I was going insane at the time so I wasn´t able to back then, but now it´s all good (mostly) so let´s get the ball rolling! :D

TLDR; Pick an OC, create a moveset.

Character: Regina Rubella

STANCE: she has a determined look, is prepared in her battle stance, and already grips the hilt of her sword.
WALK: struts seductively whilst showing off her killer smile.
RUN: Runs in a ninja-like manner, with her arms stretched-out behind her and with most of her body tilted forward.
DASH ATTACK: armors-up legs and gives a fierce knee-jab followed by a roundhouse-kick.
NEUTRAL B: Regina pulls out her Bleedheart sword and transforms it into rail-gun mode. Depending on how long the button is pressed can make the difference between a regular strike and a highly effective blow.
UP B: does a spin attack like Link´s in SSB
SIDE B: She´ll take out one of her heart-shuriken and throw it at her opponent, making him/her fall back a short distance.
DOWN B: stabs the floor with her sword leaving an active heart-shuriken latched on, whoever stps on it will be dealt with elemental damage for a short time (fire, ice, electricity, etc.)
NEUTRAL A: Regina will give two strong slashes, before kicking her opponent with the heel of her boot.
UP TILT: she armors-up her arm and jabs her opponent.
SIDE TILT: Overhead swing with her sword.
DOWN TILT: quickly steps on opponents foot with heel, before jabbing them.
UP SMASH: when charged gives 3 consecutive upwards slashes.
SIDE SMASH: when charged charges at opponent and impales them with sword, before placing her heel on his/her face and kicking him/her off.
DOWN SMASH: when charged deals a consecutive knee-jab and upward slash.
NEUTRAL AIR: armors-up legs and delivers a flying kick.
UP AIR: upwards kick in the crotch.
FRONT AIR: jabs opponent before slashing twice.
BACK AIR: armors-up legs and does roundhouse-kick.
DOWN AIR: lets herself fall hard on an opponent, heels first. Kind of like Louise in the familiar of zero opening…
GRAB: armors up right arm and grapples onto the edge of the stage with her claw-gauntlet. If done while standing, she´ll armor up her arm and grab her opponent by the throat, while grinning at him/her with  her eyes turning pink for a brief instant.
PUMMEL: whilst grabbed, she´ll repeatedly stab her opponent before throwing them.
UP THROW: armors-up gauntlet into a claw, grabs opponent´s face and throws him/her into the air.
FRONT THROW: grabs opponent´s leg, spins and throws them.
BACK THROW: grabs opponent´s leg, spins and throws them.
DOWN THROW: same as above except this time she smashes her opponent´s head into the ground.
UP TAUNT: sticks out tongue and seductively drags her index finger across it as her eyes turn pink.
SIDE TAUNT: she stretches out as her armor constructs and de-constructs around her.
DOWN TAUNT: she takes off her tiara and lets her hair flow.
FINAL SMASH: she completely armors-up with completely pink eyes, making her look like a female version of Sauron, she then moves seriously fast dealing enough damage to the players close to her to get them in the red, before launching them off the stage.

Regina- Wanna play? :iconshionrapefaceplz:


Ahri by mokona--modoki

I just gotta say this is amazing! I love the way you made this look, it has an air of a retro-poster / fortune teller card. The deesign...

A Natural Mountaineer - Black and White by jerseycajun

Well let me just say how amazing this is as a first. The piece conveys a lot of movement in such a way that it´s very interesting to lo...

Steampunk Clock Ring Adjustable by FantasyDesigns1

Well this is my first critique for a costume prop so I´ll apologize in advance if it doesn´t meet your expectations. First off, this is...

Dance of the Budding by fotomademoiselle

Ok first I gotta say this looks really nice, I´m not an expert in photography, but I truly like the way this came out. You got a great ...


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